The Concept of TRANSFORMED was generated out of my need for a comprehensive re-education program due to a traumatic head injury. After the doctors, physical therapists and various specialists treated my physical injuries, I realized the everyday tasks most people take for granted were still eluding me. The scars were healing but my thinking and learning process were not what they use to be before my accident.

After seeking out and employing existing methods of re-training, I became very disillusioned with my lack of progress. As an experienced educator and advocate I knew there had to be a better way to stimulate my brain and enhanced my diminished faculties. Attaining a pre-accident state became my life’s mission.I started sifting through various methods and techniques of re-training carefully testing each one and taking notes on the procedures that helped the most. Keeping a diary of my efforts tracked my progress. Before long the little things that were difficult and memory deficits were subsiding. Feeling and thinking like my old self encouraged me to broaden the scope of my work and formulate the comprehensive educational re-training system that is TRANSFORMED™.

Energized and motivated I carefully designed my program for other individuals that have various brain trauma, dementia, and learning difficulties. My position as an educator allowed me to refine and customize the re-education plan to suit the needs of the client.

TRANSFORMED is my message of hope for people who are struggling with learning disabilities. I am living proof necessity is the mother of invention and what is presently life diminishing can be TRANSFORMED™.

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